Hand Surf Board (5-colors) with leash and bag - The ultimate hand board for the hand surfing enthusiasts!

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Hand Surf Board with leash and bag

The ultimate hand board for the hand surfing enthusiasts! This compact, lightweight hand-surfboard is designed to be held and ridden with the hands, allowing you to get closer to the wave and experience the thrill of surfing in a whole new way. With its agile design and easy-to-grip handle, the Hand-Surf is perfect for riders of all skill levels, whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out. So why wait?

Get your hands on a Hand-Surf today and discover the joy of hand surfing!

  • Polished LLDPE Jacket, ding resistant. Tough as a Turtle shell Light as a feather built to withstand a Tsunami.
  • Textured ergonomically designed hand grip for comfort, grip and increased control.
  • Recessed leash booth for less drag.
  • Concave Channel on the underside giving maximum lift reducing drag for that optimum ride.
  • Fish Tail design for speed – perfect for fast breaking waves in medium to large surf.
  • Includes Hand – Surf leash – 0.236 inch coil, with Velcro and neoprene webbing.
  • Hand – Surf board bag.


Molded LLDPE (plastic)

Mold in graphics not screen printed so it will outlast the product.

 Shipping dimensions:

Shipping box is 13.8 x 17.7 x 2.75 inch, weight packaged 1.32 pounds

 Care Instructions:

Keep from getting multiple surface scratching , rinse off any beach sand after use and keep safely stored in its board bag while in transit.

 What is Hand Surfing:

A Hand-Surf is a small, handheld surfboard that is used for hand surfing. Made from a lightweight material and designed to be held in the hand while ridding the face of the wave. Hand-Surfs are lightweight, maneuverable boards allowing the Hand-Surfer to ride waves in a more intimate way.

Hand-Surfs can be used in a variety of wave conditions, and they are popular among all beach goers who want to try something different and improve their wave riding skills.


Ultimately the undeniable benefit of hand-surfing is that above all, it's just good fun. You have to try it to understand. The minute you do we guarantee you will love it. The extra surface the hand-surf board gives your hand allows you, the rider to get higher out of the water when bodysurfing, causing less drag allowing you to go further, faster and with more control. The great thing about hand-surfing is it doesn’t matter what skill level you are you will be able to get the hang of it in an afternoon and have you shredding waves like a pro quicker than most other wave sports.